A Primer on Longboard Skateboards

The thing is, there are actually different types of longboard skateboards – the reasons that people love them so much differ because the boards offer different experiences. There are longboard skateboards built for skating downhill at top speed, there are cruiser decks made for going for a relaxing, fun ride, and there are carving boards made for people who like to carve the hills instead of bomb them read this.

People who like skating downhill typically search for longboard skateboards that are a bit wider with a bigger wheelbase. The deck may also be longer than other longboards because this helps the rider get up a good amount of speed. The downhill boards are typically wider because this helps the rider keep control at higher speeds, and also helps them maintain control when they do different power slides. These slides allow the rider to maintain a comfortable speed, and also look cool.

The next type of board is the cruiser longboard. These longboard skateboards are typically shorter than a downhill board, because they’re meant to be a little more portable. A cruiser board is a great longboard for transportation. If you live on a college campus, you may find that a cruiser board is a fun way to get to your next class. It beats walking, at least. The cruiser tends to look like your average 70s skate deck. It’s slender with soft urethane wheels, and has relatively thin trucks.

The last category of longboards is the carving board. These types of longboard skateboards are usually shorter and fatter than the other two, and are made for carving up the road like you would with a surfboard on a wave. The reason this type of deck allows you to carve is thanks to the special truck, designed by carver skateboards. This truck fits on the front of your deck and sways back and forth, allowing you to carve your way around town. These boards are great for flatlands or for hills. Whatever you’re comfortable with, really.